Take your event to the next level with our corporate package.


Custom Branding

Our corporate packages offer the following:

Attract Screens: Upload your own branding for the start screen.

Photo Templates: Fully design your own photo templates and upload them easily into Snappic.

Custom Email Templates: Perfect For Email sharing.

Custom Microsite/gallery: For Sharing And Post Event Viewing Purposes.

Digital Props Library

With our advanced live face-tracking software, you can see your chosen digital props placed in real-time. Our digital props add that extra fun factor to your event.

Filters Library

You can either set a preset filter which will automatically apply to all photos taken or you can allow your guests to choose from a variety of different filters when they take their photo. Enable filters at your next event to create a fun experience more suitable for your theme.

GIF Burst / Boomerang

Our Burst experience captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live-action “photo”. Select reverse to create awesome "boomerang-like" GIFs ready for sharing.

Social Media Integration

Photos can be shared digitally on all social media platforms for brand awareness.

Email Template Library

We offer a variety of email templates that you can use with your events to add that extra brand awareness.

Customized Email Templates

Each email template has a range of editable elements so you can fully customize the template. Once you have customized your template, you can then save it under "My Templates" so that you can use your custom email template for other events.

Animated GIFs

Create a buzz with GIF Animations. Guests can take a series of photos that the software will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared.

Advanced Vision Analytics

AVA, our Advanced Vision Analytics feature, uses a facial recognition neural network to extract additional analytics from all images that are uploaded. We can determine how many of the guests at the event are male vs female and also give you approximate age ranges.

Face Match

AVA also ties in with our FaceMatch feature which is a great tool to use as it allows your guests to find all the pictures they have taken of themselves at a particular event easily using their face, without the need to scroll through all the event photos.

Text Message Sharing

Allow your guests to share their photos via text message with custom messages specific to your event.

Custom Surveys

We can  provide you with an easy-to-use survey builder so that you can set up your surveys specific to the data you are required to capture from each guest. We offer a variety of different fields for you to choose from, such as star ratings, drop down and opt-in/out fields and much more.

Projecting Slideshows

We have created an easy to use, customizable slideshow feature which allows you to stream images to a TV or projector at your events via a browser.


Event Competitions

Our competition feature gives you two great options and a way to put your event analytics to good use.

Choose between a "scratch to win" or a "spin to win" method and set your competition up with great prizes and graphics. Set up Competition to push booth participation, and create a fun and rewarding event.

Guest Data Capture

At your event, you can collect important contact information for each guest such as their email address and phone number. You can add an opt-in/out field which is displayed to your guests when they enter their contact information.


Contactless Experience

Stay safe. QR Code scanning for a contactless experience. Allow your guests to start their photo booth session and share with the use of a QR code, limiting any unnecessary contact with the booth

Event Analytics

We can provide data-rich reports on all your events. Some of the basic information we capture for each event:

  • Total shares
  • Share status (text and email deliverability)
  • Views
  • Reach and Impressions